Right to Information Applications

RTI Application were filed at district level u/s 4(4),4(21)17(3) and at state level under rule (8)(1),7(3),9, 16(2) to monitor the status of implementation of SC's and ST's PoA Act . A total of 172 applications were filed and 989 responses from the concerned govt. departments were received .Based on the RTIs responses fact sheets actsheets of Bihar, Haryana ,Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh were prepared and printed. THE UNIT team at state have been engaging with the state authorities and are using the Factsheets as an advocacy tool demanding better implementation of the SCs and STs PoA Amended Act and Rules in cases of atrocities in respective states.


Capacity Building for Dalit Women Human Rights Defenders

The Unit was successful in building a pool of more than 500 trained women Dalit Human Rights defenders at field level through a series of capacity building workshops on case monitoring, legislations and Advocacy for intervening in women violence cases. This training helped the Dalit women leaders to legally intervene in the cases relating to women violence, discrimination and untouchability. The 500 trained women DHRDs in turn are disseminating the gained knowledge to other women activists and community leaders creating an environment of resistance against violence.


Capacity Building of Defenders and its Protection

The defenders face numerous forms of threats and intimidation while supporting the victims/survivors for accessing Justice. These defenders especially women are always at risk of rape, physical injury and murder. It has conducted 1 national level Trainers of Trainers programmes and 8 state level training in collaboration with State partners for building the capacities of 3748 Dalit Human Rights Defenders including Dalit women human rights defenders to use the protective legislations for the victims affected by violence and atrocities and to monitor the implementation of SCs and STs (PoA) Amendment Act 2015.Trainings were conducted to build capacities of defenders on ‘The SCs and STs (PoA) Amendment Act 2015’, POCSO Act and other constitutional rights. THE UNIT is part of the of the advocacy group demanding for the ratification of UN Declaration on human rights defenders

Capacity Building on Child Rights and Legal Framework

A one national level capacity building trainings was organised to build perspectives of the CSOs on Child Rights and Legal Framework with an objective to capacitate the Dalits and Adivasis defenders on the international, national laws and legislation, and constitutional provisions governing the rights of children. Through the training the Child rights perspectives were mainstreamed among the Dalit Human Rights defenders and now they are now more observant in identification of child discrimination and violence cases in schools. 41 participants from across different states participated in the training.

Capacity Building of Advocates groups

Advocates groups have been strengthened to support Dalits and Adivasis accused of crime in the state of Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan and were capacitated with knowledge of constitutional provisions and legal rights of Dalit's and Adivasis. In Rajasthan 30 advocates and Tamil Nadu 39 Advocates participated in the organized trainings .The objective of the trainings was to build the perspective of the Advocates on the problems and issues faced by the Dalit’s and Adivasis by police, illegal arrest, detention, torture and false prosecution against Dalit’s and Adivasis by the State and related constitutional and legislative safeguards. A total of 87 Dalits defendants were bailed out with the effort of the advocates.