Engagements with National Human Rights Institutions

The 11 victims of police atrocities in Tamil Nadu were facilitated to submit their petitions to the National Commission of Schedule Caste – Chennai and file a follow-up complaint in person regarding the illegal arrest. The partner critically followed and monitored all the concerned officials, commissions and the media, submitted representations to CM, Chairperson SC Welfare Committee Assembly, National Human Rights Commissions, National Commission for Scheduled Caste, CSC, State Human Rights Commission, HRC, Chief Secretary, DGP, ADGP (Civil Rights) SCSC, SP and Collectors in all of the Fact Finding Cases.



Study on Exclusion in Schools

A study on Exclusion in school titled ‘Exclusion in Schools - A Study on Practice of Discrimination and Violence’ was conducted to amalgamate a research based evidence and analysis document on caste based discriminatory practices in schools. The findings of the study are reflective of a pattern of representative and selective violence and discrimination based on identities such as Dalit, Adivisi and gender. Many issues related to sexual violence, budgetary allocation and discriminatory culture in schools towards Dalits and Adivasis children came out vehemently. The study identified the institutional failure of the educational system which are following gendered and casteist structures and developed a set of policy recommendations which broadly cover policy change, protection mechanism, and changes in attitudinal behavior and perceptions.

Study on Discrimination Existing in Criminal Justice in India

A study was conducted to collate and collect the data of Dalits and Adivasis accused of crimes /defendants and explore various forms of discrimination existing in criminal justice in India. The study aims to promote and strengthen civil society initiatives and mechanisms to address discrimination faced by Dalits and Adivasis falsely implicated upon and those in prisons and ensuring just judicial outcomes for Dalit and Adivasis. The process includes filing RTI applications in District and Central Jails of each of the States to get the demographic profiles of Dalit and Adivasis inmates and informal discussions/interviewing and observing the perceptions, mind-sets and actions of key actors in the process.


Consultation on Zero Discrimination in School Education

To push for policy on Zero Discrimination Guidelines, National Level Consultation was also organized in New Delhi which was attended by 158 CSOs and defenders aimed to device ways to strengthen a campaign towards zero discrimination in school education. The state and national level consultations brought out the layered discrimination and violence based on caste, ethnicity and gender by the children themselves as they discussed their own issues. The consultations have also helped in devising the ways to strengthen national campaign on Zero Discrimination with active participation of children.