Dalit Women Rights

Our work with Dalit women’s leadership in India to attain justice, claim dignity, and have access to a sustainable livelihood.

We are a collective of 40 dalit women activists and volunteers spread out over 6 states covering an operational area of 120 districts in North India. The intersectional oppressions of caste and gender have relegated Dalit women to the bottom of the social hierarchy in India and our goal is to eradicate caste to ensure the full humanity and happiness of all women. We have been able to conduct intense monitoring of the implementation of special legislations in the country with focus on Prevention of Atrocities (SC/ST) and Protection Of Children from Sexual Offenses [POCSO]. Through our survivor support initiative we have directly supported around 350 number of survivors and their families access the justice system although conviction rates are low in caste based crimes. We are able to do this through grassroot level activism and building mutual trust through various interactions with dalit women in our villages and towns. The trainings, specifically the capacity building trainings and legal initiatives and the exposure we got gave us the confidence and the skills in following up these cases. We have had intensive interactions with the district officials, police and other administrative authorities. Our people-centred advocacy and our lobby work with the officials has resulted in greater visibility of the issues relating to dalit women and finding new ways of breaking the barriers to accessing justice. We have also received training in social media, videography and photography to enable us to build a stronger online presence and to bring out our own stories from our own perspectives. We are happy to present a snapshot of our major activities from 2016-2017 and appreciate your support and interest in our work. Jai Bhim!

Key Stratergies



Survivor Support

Meeting with Survivor , Advocacy from  village level to National level for legal justice, health care and compensation,  Healing workshops ,  Organising legal clinic and legal Awareness camps, forming survivor community support group: Provide good Health, education & livelihood opportunity.

Forming strong pressure group for the follow up of cases, and Survivor toolkit; Awareness building; Self-defense  workshop; Survivor support fund,  documenting violence through case studies of atrocities cases.

Leadership Development

Focus groups formation of young Dalit women from specific locations; Trainings and workshops (Legal, career, self-defense, ideology, life skills, writing and speaking, human rights, PRI, social media, social analysis etc.); Institutional building support for Dalit women-led CBOs/NGOs/individuals; Engagement with PRIs; Exposure visits; Volunteer-to-Leader program, supporting political participation of dalit women in local governance.

Grassroots Activism

Fact-findings, meeting with Community level, Take up the Interview of Dalit Women Sarpanch, Make the History Profile of Dalit women leaders and sarpanch, Make the Village profile, Case study and Creation of Rapid Response Team; Local protests;

Fact-findings, meetings at  Community level, collecting oral histories, supporting education and self employment of Dalit women leaders, studies on caste dynamics and atrocities in specific areas, Creation of Rapid Response Team; Local protests; Rally, Protests, Swabhimaan Yatras; Formation of  CSO networks/support group; Art & cultural initiatives; Health camps; Legal awareness camps; Develop income generation models

Strategic Partnerships/Networking

Maintain a database of CSO organizations/individuals; Alliance building with local CBOs/NGOs/individuals; Engagement with academia; Engagement with legal HR organizations; Engagement with local companies/corporates; Engagement with local donors/sponsors

International Advocacy

Representing and highlighting dalit womens’ issues at the international level at meetings, tribunals, conferences and workshops to build world wide pressure to end the caste system and all its attendant violence including but not limited to caste based sexual violence