Aims & Objectives

The Aims & objectives for which the Society is established are as under :

  1. To work towards creating a positive and supportive atmosphere for the Socio-Economic, Political and Cultural growth and sustenance of Dalits and other marginalised sections of Society.

  2. To initiate and involve in all relevant activities for the protection and Promotion of Human Rights with a special emphasis on Dalit Human rights for the elimination of the caste based discrimination with a view to build a harmonious, equal and just society.

  3. To interact, support and strengthen the activities of various Human Rights and other Developmental organizations and to provide a common platform for those who work for the concerns and issues of Dalits.

  4. To participate, interact , intervene and liaise with various local, National, Regional and International Institutions and organizations and especially with Multilateral, Bilateral bodies including United Nations and its various bodies, commissions and committees to address the concerns and issues of Dalits.

  5. To undertake a Regional and Global effort, to liaison and work with individuals, likeminded organizations, institutions, networks and movements and human rights organization particularly those who strive for the abolition of discrimination based on caste, race, work and descent, ethnicity, religion and other social exclusions.

  6. To interact, liaise and engage in dialogue with Government of India, various State Governments and other judicial and Constitutional Bodies for the welfare, upliftment of Dalits and to safeguard their rights and interests.

  7. To organize, conduct, sponsor or co-sponsor events, workshops, seminars, conferences, public hearings, training, programme studies, exposure visits and study tours towards the realization of Dalit Human Rights.

  8. To investigate, study, document information, policies, programs and other issues relating to the concerns of Dalits and other marginalized sector of this country.

  9. To work for the growth and development of women and with special emphasis on the promotion and protection of Rights of Dalit women and to strive for gender equality and equal participation of Dalit Women in all walks of life.

  10. To work for the youth and children and with special focus on rights of children and young adults and to strive for fair representation and opportunity to Dalit children and Dalit young adults in all walks of life.

  11. To establish, maintain and strengthen institutions and resources centres, to offer fellowships, scholarships, stipends, prizes, awards and other promotional aspects for the furtherance of the advancement of Dalits.

  12. To involve and create mechanism for taking up Advocacy and Legal Aid both at the National and International level on the issues affecting Dalits and other marginalized sections of society.

  13. To explore, raise and develop necessary financial resource base for the implementation, sustainability and achievement of the above objectives.

To undertake all such other activities/ actions/ programmes/ interventions from time to time as shall be deemed necessary for the attainment of the objectives of the Society and for the growth and welfare of Dalits.