Training on Understanding Budget Policy and Advocacy: Scheduled Caste Sub Plan /Tribal Sub Plan and Gender Budgets

Scheduled Caste Component and Scheduled Tribe Component. Official Memorandum No. F.2(1)-B(CDN)/2017, Ministry of Finance, DoEA, Budget Division.

In order to train and facilitate the community on the budgets especially the SCSP/TSP, the unit organised a four day training programme on “Understanding Budgets, Policy and Advocacy: Scheduled Caste Sub Plan/Tribal Sub Plan and Gender Budgets” in May 2017. The training unpacked the various dimensions of budgets and evolved a shared perspective on budgets as an approach for more decisive realisation of one’s human rights. The training brought together 25 participants from across the country from diverse backgrounds, sectors namely health, maternal health, sanitation, livelihood, education, housing, food security, bonded labour, women’s rights, and entrepreneurship in order to promote conceptual understanding on the budgets, policy advocacy and gender budgets. The training presented a combination of unique participation from 11 states who shared their perspective on budgets policy and advocacy.

The broad thematic areas covered in the three day training programme were Budget Basics Concepts and processes in the budget formulation, Budget Enactment Process, Codification of Budgetary items, Budget analysis, Gender Budgeting, RTI, Budget Audit and Advocacy cycle. Emphasis was laid on understanding different aspects of Budgets and on practical implementation to address human rights concerns.

Refresher Course: Training on Understanding Budget Policy and Advocacy

As a second level of training, the unit organized a two day refresher training programme for all our women human rights defenders from across different units. The training brought together 15 participants from across the country to enhance their understanding on the budgets, policy, advocacy and gender budgets. The training saw participation from 9 states namely Delhi, UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, MP, Orissa, Maharashtra, Haryana and Kerala who shared their perspective on budgets policy and advocacy. The training was helpful in building and sharpening the participants understanding on budgets and advocacy particularly from the perspective of Dalit/Adivasi women.

Training on Budgeting for Child Rights: Understanding Budgets, Policy and Advocacy Tool

A two day training programme was conducted in Chennai capacitating Dalit Human Rights Defenders on effective monitoring and analysis of budgetary allocations under the sub-plans. The training was attended by members of 26 CSOs. It focused on understanding and analysing budgets from the point of view of child rights. The training led to the formulation of expert group for monitoring and analysing budgetary entitlements under SCC and STC. The training was highly intense, insightful and thought provoking in unpacking various dimensions on budgets. Emphasis was laid on the practical implications of understanding budgets and policies and how it can be used as a means to address economic rights concerns.

State Level Trainings for Panchayati Raj Members

Under the campaign ‘Humara Panchayat Humara Hissa’ training programmes were conducted for the PRI members across 7 states of UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The training focused on PRI Acts (state specific), roles and responsibilities of PRI leaders, SCSP-TSP, accessing public entitlements under SCC-STC, fund flow and recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission. For the trainings government officials, academicians, experts and researchers were invited as resource persons. This has capacitated and enhanced the understanding of the PRI members on budgetary allocations under SCC-STC. It enabled to have a fruitful discussion on budgets and evolved a shared view on the impact it could have in reducing vulnerabilities and inequalities; in enhancing citizen’s participation in governance, and in access to entitlements and public services to all.

Regional Training on Understanding Budgets, Policy & Advocacy: Our Budget Our Rights

Asia Dalit Rights Forum (ADRF) organised four day training on Budgets, Policy and Advocacy in Nepal in January 2018. The economic Rights unit gave their technical assistance. The training brought together 21 participants from across different South Asian Countries namely India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The training brought out some very important aspects of the budget and advocacy especially from the Dalit women’s perspective. It evolved a shared perspective and understanding on budgets from across the countries.