Economic Rights Units

The Economic Rights is one of the units of SWADHIKAR. It focuses on the economic rights of Dalits and Adivasis community with a particular focus on public entitlements regarding education and entrepreneurship. Its basic approach is working towards inclusion and promotion of the Dalits and Adivasi community in the economy of the country. Economic Rights Unit focuses on the economic, social, cultural rights of the community. Within the international human rights framework, these rights fall within the ambit of Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Within the national Constitutional framework, these rights fall in the ambit of Directive Principles of State Policy. It makes strategic intervention in budgeting, planning schemes and policy formulation, advocacy and research, implementation and monitoring of funds under special component plan for SC/ST. The unit works in 16 states namely Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Rajasthan, Telegana, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh.

The thrust focus areas of intervention are:



Analysis of SCSP/TSP at the Union and state level: 2018-19

Union Budget 2018-19 was released on February 1st 2018. It was the second budget introduced by government following the plan-non-plan merger. NCDHR-DAAA used its expertise in budgeting to propose a formula for the dispersal of funds under the restructured Component Plans. After the budget restructuring in 2017-18, total scheme expenditure was allocated under the development outlays, under— Centrally Sponsored Schemes and Central Sector Schemes (henceforth CS and CSS). A Budget Circular 2018-19, was issued by the Finance Ministry directing allocation of resources under SCC and STC in line with Jadhav Committee guidelines. Based on the circular, NCDHR-DAAA proposed, allocation resources in line with the same. Thus, the SCs and STs are entitled to a minimum, and not less than their proportionate population, which according to Census 2011 is 16.6% for SCs and 8.6% for STs.

The Finance Minister presented an Expenditure budget of Rs.24, 42,213.30 Cr on February 1st. Out of this the total Outlay for eligible CS and CSS amounts to Rs.8, 63,944 Cr. Based on the above guidelines, the due for SC and ST the due allocation amount to Rs.1, 43,414.74Cr and Rs.74, 299.20Cr respectively. The allocation however for SCC and STC is Rs.56, 619 Cr and Rs.39, 135 Cr respectively. This amounts to 6.55% under SCC and 4.53% under STC falling short by 10.50% under SCC and 4.07% under STC. NCDHR-DAAA released its detailed Dalit Adivasi Budget Analysis 2018-19 on February 2nd 2018.

Gender Budget Analysis from Dalit Adivasi Women’s point of view 2017-18

In an attempt to make our analysis more indepth and address the rights of the marginalised within the marginalised a detailed study of the Gender Budget Statement was undertaken in 2017-18. The study focused on the allocations under Gender Budget Statement and SCC/STC for Dalit and Adivasi women. The study analysed the allocations from the point of view of redistribution of resources and enhancement of capabilities of Dalit and Adivasi women. Further the study proposed a Women's Budget. The study was published titled, " Dalit-Adivasi Women's Economic Entitlements: Gender Budget Analysis.